Thursday, April 14

the water's got me... KOOKED


UMM, OK, so hopefully by now you already went here and listened to Michael Watts' jamminjamminpoppinpoppincandycandycandycandy, about which I spoke at some length yesterday.

I spoke yesterday about putting up something by Fat Pat (whom you will have already heard by now on that Michael Watts' broadcast), and so I'm gonna go ahead and follow through on that:
Southside - DJ Screw ft Fat Pat


Dude's voice is audible opioids. The beat is also going down the same pathway, what with the Roy Ayers' piano riff & all. Fat Pat was part of the Screwed Up Click, DJ Screw's entourage of rappers, about whom you can learn more in this here DJ Screw interview.

Also: the internet has another Houston radio broadcast that's got me feeling:
And it is available here, the blog of Matt Sonzala, big Texas rap impressario and host of the Damage Control radio show. He posts up his shows there regularly, and they have been fantastic without fail so far. On this show, none other than Dizzee Rascal shows up live in the studio for a great interview, & some live freestyles that will make fire come out of your ears. Do not listen to them unless you have some flame retardant on hand. I am so all about your safety.

I don't want to have to go to your funeral. But I do want to pretend to have to pick an appropriate song to play there. How bout:
Booji Boy's Funeral - Devo

And if you become a zombie, I don't want to battle you, but I will if I have to. And with this song as my theme tune, you haven't a chance. The vocal harmonies are just too invincible:
Care of Cell 44 - The Zombies



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