Saturday, May 21

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 5)

Chamillionaire ft David Banner - Talkin' that talk

Ha... I want to talk that talk. In order to gain Michael McDonald's respect, I need to talk that talk. But right now my mind can't stop replaying the image of an animatronic cyborg replica of Michael McDonald busting into my room and blasting lasers all over the place, very nearly ending my life. I'd be dead if not for a timely rescue by the real Michael McDonald's secret Google laser blasts. I wish I felt like I could go out into Epcot Center with Michael McDonald today, and begin my recovery from my Dipset addiction... But now I'm just too scared.
Chamillionaire - Never Scared Flow

Shit. I am so not never scared. I'm so scared I'm scared that I might never be not scared ever again!
And it's all well and good to admit to the internet that, yes, I'm very scared of what might happen to me when we go to Epcot Center today. What if lasers get blasted at me and Michael McDonald can't save me from them?
There's just no way I can tell Mike about how scared I am. How can I win his esteem if he finds out how shook I am? I need him to teach me secret secret Google cheat styles. And I need him to sing his vocals on my new songs if they're ever going to be as jamming as I want them to be.

Jaheim ft Cam'ron & Juelz - Fabulous (remix)

I'm sorry. I know I promised not to post any more Dipset. But right now this track is all I've got to get me right for my day at Epcot Center with Michael McDonald. And it's just this one last time. You understand.


Anonymous jt said...

how was the original hey ma released (the one in the video you posted) ? only as a single ? it's way better than the remix on diplomatic immunity...

9:48 AM  
Blogger 893 said...

It was a single off of "Come Home with Me", the album before "Purple Haze".

3:40 PM  

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