Saturday, May 7

It sounds like we goin into overdrive-overdrive

Hello. I'm back from NY. Job interviews were good. Seeing NYC friends was great.

Now feels like an approriate time for a Dipset Extravaganza.

Diplomats Extravaganza - Hell Rell ft Juelz

& more JR:

Give Me a Second - JR Writer
Magic- JR Writer

& here is some Chamillionaire. The 1st 2 tracks come from his "Greatest Hits" collection, which is, as far as I can tell, excerpts from various mixtapes with him versioning a lot of famous beats, with whoever else was originally on the track edited out. Screwed by O.G. Ron C. In other words, it's the best thing ever. Watch out for many more of these tracks to be posted here. The "batter up flow" is famous because it's where he says he looks like he swallowed a mirror, which don't the rest of us all wish we looked like that too. The last one is his versioning of the Slow Jams, and posted for the benefit of my Bebe sister, who wanted to hear it.

Batter Up Flow - Chamillionaire
Funky Enough Flow- Chamillionaire
Screw Jams- Chamillionaire

I read What's the Matter with Kansas by Thomas Frank while I was away. I think it should be the next book you read. Even if you don't read. Even if you're illiterate. Ask your mom to read it to you or something.

Also, I went to the Basquiat exhibition in Brooklyn. Go there if you can.

& finally this is some powerful music from Soft Machine. Just because.
The Moon in June - Soft Machine


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