Tuesday, May 10

We'll chop you up like garlic cloves and cook ya ass like Emeril the chef

OMMFG?!?! More dipset extravagance?!?

We don't give a fuck - Juelz ft Paul Wall
WHOA! How bad does Paww Waww kill this?

Back on my bullshit - JR Writer
MAAN! Is this poor-man's-retarded-Kanye-delay-overload beat quite possibly the annoyingest thing ever? But do you like how JR can make you like it?

Dang? I guess that now that the Dips have made some lucrative arrangements for putting out their records, perhaps they are feeling good, no? I wonder whether all this good fortune will be manifested in some more powerful music?

Get 'Em Daddy - Cam'ron ft Hell Rell
WHA!?!?! A sequel to Get em Girls?

Really something, what Rakim dropping by your video shoot will do for one's ego -- 1st, you're spitting over one of his classics...
Know the Ledge - Juelz
& then, you're whispering over something a lil more current?
Wait freestyle - Juelz
"Don't move don't be no fool,
Don't make me ring ya bell like we in school
(AND he perfectly replicates D-Rock's raspy collipark twang on the "DONG" (Juelz always delivers on the little things))

Oh, & do you remember about the awesome book I said that people should read, "What's the Matter with Kansas?"? Well, would you read it, if the author has written an addendum, "What's the Matter with Liberals?"? I know you don't like to read stuff, but this is reading internet, which makes it funner, doesn't it?

And after you've read all this stuff, and you've deeply pondered these questions, I would like you to listen to the following track, and ask yourself: is Cam'ron maybe feeling too good; is it hubris for him to be rapping over Journey? Does it make it better that he's rapping about how he used to be an overweight "stocky dude,' & how he used to throw up in public,
"regurgitating green, yellow, burgundy BOOM!"? Huh? What does it say about this dude that he even barfs interesting color patterns?
Any way you want it - Cam'ron


Blogger CultStatus said...

dogggie, your blog is ill on some shroom-tea ish.

that juelz ft mr. wall didn't work.


good look.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous nebbesh said...

ra, this dipset stuff is heavy...

and then i see that homiesexuals side-project shit. can you re-up it?

i have other amos & sara, frat girls things i can send yr way.

thanks - ian

1:15 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

Done and done.

ian-nebbesh: let's discuss

2:57 PM  

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