Sunday, May 8

Dipset Extravaganza continued

Yeah! YOU KNEW the Dipset extravaganza just couldn't stop yet:
Your Way - JR Writer ft Juelz & Cam'ron
Listen to Cam talk about his Huck Finn turtleneck:
Freestyle - Cam'ron

The internet should've told you already!!! OWWWWW!!!

Old School - The Click
This is E-40's crew, The Click, rapping about cars over a Zapp-ified compyooter luv-esque beat. No 40 water here, but it has hot vocoders on the hook. So necessary.

Freestyle - Lady Cutie
& this one is a female grime MC, from the Aim High 2 compilation, which I like even better than Run the Road, which is, itself, awesome. Good female MCs! More more more please!

My new internet-friend John Chiasm, is blogging the making of the new album by his band, Aa. They are recording in the same studio where the Fall just recorded! WOWOWOWOW!


Anonymous brewmaster said...

does that screw screw the wrong way? or is it y monitor. The lady cutie gives me an err-OR message. sad. i will try again later

9:20 PM  

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