Tuesday, May 10

or better yet Gilligan's Island and I'm the Skipper

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I swear Jones is way more siked than he looks in this picture

Yes, undoubtedly Jim Jones the Capo AKA 1-eyed Willie is feeling real good on the inside, now that the Dips' new contractual arrangements have installed him in an executive position. Hear him here extolling his entrepreneurial exploits over 50 cents beats:
Gunz come out freestyle - Jim Jones
I run NY - Jim Jones
Now that he's rubbing elbows with Kev Lyles & Lyor Cohen, Jones is clearly on top of the world. Why on earth does he look so glum?

Could he be feeling uncomfortable with his new title as head of "Black" music at Warner/Asylum? If I understand this correctly, that means he calls the shots for Warner/Asylum's assimilated entities Hypnotize Minds (Three 6 Mafia), Rap-a-lot (Geto Boys etc), and the Swisha House. A lot of talent there. Is he bummed because if he "only" runs black music, he doesn't have any say over great white hopes Paul Wall and Lil Wyte?

Somehow I doubt it... Although Paul Wall is "undefeated hollerin at white girls":
I got game - Paul Wall
Which is impressive to me at least. Plus too he's not too shabby a rapper.

But that's probably not it. Probably "Black" music is intended to mean "historically black music" (even when practiced by white dudes) rather than music made exclusively by black dudes...

No, I think the real downer for Jim Jones is that due to an inexcusably poor choice by Michael Watts et al at the Swishahouse - to side with Mike "Tickle Me Elmo" Jones' dumb ass ass rather than dump him in favor of Chamillionaire, the best rapper in the world who is not in Dipset or is not Bun B. The sordid tale of their lopsided beef is handled suitably here.
Chamillion's skills are suitably demonstrated here:
Oochie Wally Flow - Chamillionaire
Can't deny it Flow - Chamillionaire

Which means whatever powers Jim Jones has been empowered with in his "Black Music" executive position, his stable will be sans Chamillionaire. Which would bum you out too if you were in Jim Jones' shoes.


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