Friday, May 13

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 1)

It's true. I am plunged deeply into the throes of an intractable addiction to Harlem's Diplomats (depicted above). When it comes to listening to and posting about the Dips, I'm like JR Writer rhyming on the radio (cf, JR Writer's 9 minute freestyle ) -- nothing can seem to stop me. I'm even drawing analogies between my own behavior and that of members of the Dips. I'm sick!

And to make matters worse several notable internet personalities have taken notice and linked to this site. Which is just SO cruel! Don't they realize that attention from the internet is directly proportional to physiological expected utility for me? Have they no mercy? Their attention only compels me to post more Dipset and spins me right round in a vicious circle and when they stop paying attention, my vicious circle will continue to spin on its own autoregenerative angular momentum, reminiscent of when rappers talk about their rims continuing to spin after their vehicles come to a complete stop, except in the case of my dipset-posting vicious circle, my rotation perseverates even longer through positive feedback. Will it ever stop?

But I can admit it's a problem. And I'm confident. I'm strong-willed. I can beat this thing.

Also: I know secret internet Google cheat code secrets, as long-time visitors of this site will know (previously, I have made a small demonstration of the power of secret Google secrets, revealing the secret Productivity Enhancement Strategies of Prince (which by the way, I have now recieved internet space ( thanks OG!! )to post up many of the audio aid Prince mpfrees on a real server, find them here . these mpfrees are stellar and super rare, and will reward even the rare listener uninterested in secret Google cheat codes. you should go download them)). And I have resolved to employ Google cheat codes to beat this terrible Dipset addiction.

People seem think that Google Maps are so awesome... "OO, I can see grainy way-zoomed-out satellite pictures of any part of the world". Baby stuff compared to what I can do with Google Maps cheat codes.

Using secret Google Maps cheat moves, Grammy-winner Michael McDonald and I are going to travel through secret transdimensional Google interinternet space, to Epcot Center, where Mike will facilitate the conquest of my Dips problem, after which I'll be a fully functional citizen again.

And remember: life's a journey, not a destination, so I've posted some visual aids to help you understand what our interinternetdimensional travel looked like:

Here we're leaving my home in San Francisco:

And now we're in interinternet space:

this is interinterinternet:

The sound is interesting here too. It sounds like a mashup of these 3 songs:
Lucio Battisti - Una Donna per Amico
Dictator John Fucking Kerry - Invisible & sweaty
Copz iz Coming - Un Kasa ft Juelz
(Ok I know that last one is Dipset, and I know that I said I wasn't doing any more Dips, but it really sounded like this in the internetGoogleinterinterspace, and I promise this is the last Dipset mpfree here ever ever ever)
This is my favorite part:


Ok, we're here. With Michael's help, I will cheat my way through this Dipset problem, I promise.


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