Tuesday, May 24

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 6)

I will admit that Google Image Search is a useful tool for putting images onto your computer screen. But don't you wish you knew secret cheat Google Image Disguise codes like me & Michael McDonald, with which one can change one's own image? These Google Image Disguises come particularly in handy when one is about to visit a theme park guarded by animatronic cyborgs who want to blast lasers at you. Needless to say, our disguises had to be effective.

My first suggestion was:

Mike rejected this one for several reasons:
1) Disguising himself as Juelz Santana would probably impede his ability to rehabilitate me from being addicted to Juelz' music. A valid point.
2) Mike would feel wierd festooned in American flags. As troubled as he is by the direction our country is heading, he still feels enough patriotic sentiment to make him not want to wear the flag ironically. I respect that.
3) This outfit makes his butt look big.
Juelz Santana - Fat Bottom

Mike thought this would be a good idea:

Mike got this idea looking at these pictures which he found out about at the Tofu Hut. He felt this would frighten off any animatronic cyborgs, and would allow him to pay tribute to one of his personal musical heroes, Yamatsuka Eye
Yamatsuka Eye & Musica Transonic - New Six
I had to remind Mike that we were not going for scary. We were going for inconspicuous. Reluctantly he agreed this disguise would be ineffectual.
JR Writer - Close your eye

Then I recommended that we dress up as Paul Wall & Chamillionaire:

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire ft Archie Lee - Ms. Jackson freestyle
Mike had to remind me that Paul & Cham don't hang out anymore. The sight of the two of them together at Epcot Center would certainly arouse suspicion.

So finally we agreed to dress up like farmers.

The Seeds - Mr. Farmer

And off we went for what I hope will be a therapeutic day at Epcot Center.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude I am gonna see the boredoms tomorrow night!!! on mushrooms!!! awesome!!!


8:38 PM  
Anonymous Mya said...

I'm officially addicted to this page. 100% hooked. Kind of ironic. Funniest post yet.

2:28 AM  
Blogger Mo! said...

Great post. Great site. Though the site confuses me, I paraphrase Speed Levitch from Waking Life when I say I salsa dance with my confusion.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Mr. Babylon said...

Embrace your addiction. I did, and I've never been happier.

7:43 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

Beware eYe's Glowstixxx of Doom! They blew my mind and I was sober. I shudder to think what they may do to you, psilocybinated! Be careful!
I'm sorry you are addicted to my internet. Perhaps Mike can come help you with your problem after he finishes helping me with mine. Although I'm begining to doubt his qualifications because he has not yet done shit for my Dipset problem!
Your confusion is understandable. Secret Google cheat codes confused me at first. Heck, they still do! Keep coming back to my internet, and perhaps together you, Michael McDonald, and I can find our way through the seemingly impenetrable mysteries of secret Google internet cheat code secrets.
Mr. Babylon:
What with my slow progress in recovery so far, your solution may be the only way for me! Maybe the only solution is just to attend my inner Dip-School, and consider the rest of my life to be extra-curricular activities (warning: the preceding sentence was an inside joke based on an awesome previous post at Mr. Babylon's internet. I advise you go read his blog, and then you will appreciate what a hilarious joke I just made!)! But don't tell Michael McDonald that I'm considering this option though! He'll be so disappointed!

8:59 PM  

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