Tuesday, November 1

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 59)

Raekwon & Ghostface - Knuckleheadz
"Don't play me like I got a flowerpot head, kid," is what Michael McDonald said, quoting Ghostface, the man who (in a recent interview) also has said:
"Cause yo, if I wanted to write something down that you wouldn’t understand, yo, I’ma do it. I’m the first one that did it and made songs that made no sense to nobody. That’s me. I made history for that one, nahmean? So you know, rap is anything you want to rap about. You can rhyme about your elbow. You rhyme about picking boogers like Biz Mark did, you can rhyme about taking a shit, taking a piss. There ain’t no limits to this shit."
It must've struck Michael McDonald as an apt quote at the time, since he said it while socking the Epcot Imagineers' receptionist with a roundhouse punch. And the receptionist had an Orchid growing out of the crown of his head. A very pretty Orchid!


Lemme back up for a second. In the last post, Michael McDonald defeated that guy so resoundingly that that guy melted into a stream. A boatman rode down the stream hateit, and he took us on his boat to Imagineers lair. hateit The boatride got pretty wierd. I'm not sure if the stream we were riding was a real stream of water, or it was a stream made of interinterinternet particles or what. It's getting hard for me to tell the difference.

Anyway, when the boatman finally brought us ashore, there's this receptionist, like, "Do you have an appointment?"

To which Michael McDonald responded as I described above:
"Don't play me like I got a flowerpot head, kid." And then a punch:
The Jacks - Gloomy Flower

Just a plain old punch. No face fist this time. But why? That receptionist was no threat! Punching was so not necessary! He even asked us about if we had an appointment quite cordially?

And the flower pot head comment was even less necessary! Shit, the guy doesn't really even have a "flower pot head", like in the sense of hateit. It's not that the receptionist had an actual flower pot for a head. Rather, the guy's head was operating as a flower pot. A crucial difference!

Prince - Elephants & Flowers


The receptionist's head was way more similar to hateithateit the murder victims in Rika Takahshi's manga "Multiple Personality Detective Psycho" (which I have not read) or in Takashi Miike's cinematic adaptation of the same name (which I have seen (and which, in addition to having head-as-flower-pot (ie, not a flower-pot-as-head) murder victims, features one of the personalities of the eponymous MPD Psycho invading and possessing the minds of victims via cellphones and the internet (and when the personality possesses the victims, it is accompanied by an adorable dancing anime girl on screen)(I really liked this movie a lot)).

But really, why did Michael McDonald punch that receptionist so needlessly? Isn't it obvious?!
Wild Flower Systematica- Track 3

Theres's an important difference between the MPD Psycho victims and the Epcot receptionist. Do you notice how the flower is situated? The possessed killers in MPD Psycho have to open the skull to put flowers into the brains of victims. This eventually kills them. In contrast, the receptionist has a flower penetrating straight through his skull. Do you realize how advanced the neural implant strategies of the imagineers must be? Somehow, the imagineers've planted an orchid into a man's head without any noticable neurological symptoms? If they plant flowers in heads better than they do in a Miike film, just imagine what they can do in a fight!

Michael McDonald must've realized this immediately! That's why he punched the receptionist so gratuitously. He's scared shitless! So am I!


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