Wednesday, October 26

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 57)


Ok. This is just hateithateithateithateit getting too sad.. That guy ended this fight with one technique: the septochromatic rotolabile Tolstoy face fist. This fight is over, and so this story is over. Let this be a lesson to every internet person who ever reads this blog: you do not fuck with the Imagineers of Epcot Center, even if you have seemingly invincible secret Google internet cheat codes like Michael McDonald. Ok? Thanks for reading, no more internet story time. Bye bye.



E-40 - The Element of Surprise

Hey! What the?!?!


Hey it looks like I spoke too soon! Michael McDonald is not out of this fight after all. Ok, the story is starting back up. Ignore the "The End" messages above.

Michael McDonald has resurrected his hopes for revenge! hateithateit What is this amazing new secret Google cheat?!?!

Mac Mall - Mac Jesus

hateit "Buddy, I call this cheat the secret poly-palindromic face Google Group secret society secret cheat face fist secret, and it works as follows: I duplicate my face, and then duplicate the duplicates, etc. These new copies of my face then go to the internet, and then they use secret Google style to sign up to their secret Google Group, the most perfectly symmetrical mutual admiration society the internet has ever seen (which is saying a lot, given the sociocultural homogeneity of the internet's population of internet people!). Then my fecund faces combine and interlock like being smashed like a cinderblock. And that is my fist. Don't call it a comeback, buddy."


Hey fuck that! This is a comeback and I will use my blog to call it one if I want to. Indeed that poly-palindromic secret Google group face fist has returned hope to Michael McDonald.

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack




Damn! That's some vicious secret Google. It just goes to show that if you have a strong will, undiluted moral clarity, and if you know secret ways to use Google, you will always defeat your enemies, even if they cheat and use dynamic representations of Leo Tolstoy's face to punch you, and the representation is colorful. I'm so proud of Michael McDonald with this comeback. And just think, just a few short paragraphs ago, I was..

Holy shit. Cam already recorded some bars about getting shot and not losing his blue Lambo, and and Chris Lemon-Red has it for you.

AND: FUCKIN A!! Or, rather: FUCKIN' AY! AY! AY! I mean Fuckin A A A!

Juelz - Santana on Fire

More big internet news for if you like to listen to Dipset! The Smoking Section a hip-hop album blog has posted up the long-awaited Back Like Cooked Crack 3 (Fiend Out) by Juelz, for which I've been, yes, fiending out. Well, now it's on the internet, and you can have it, and it's got Juelz versioning a bunch of classics, including "Ain't no halfsteppin", "How I could just kill a man," "Regulate" and..

Juelz - Regulate

SHIT! Every time there's new Dipset mpfrees on the internet, I keep forgetting about Michael McDonald. I wonder how his fight with that guy is turning out. hateit. I wish I wouldn't keep forgetting that I'm supposed to be in Dipset Detox.


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