Monday, January 15

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 17)

Cam'ron - P.S.K. 'What Does It Mean' ? freestyle (c/o TSS)
Cam'ron - Freestyle (another old school beat but I don't recognize, but I do recognize the Michael J. adlib, speaking of whom:

"CHEWBACCA coulda been changed up his hairstyle by now! He could be blonde or bald! I won't recognize a bald-faced CHEWBACCA"
(ALSO: speaking of blondenesse, PLEASE recognize the palpability of the power of the following mix, a preview of the preview to the soundtrack of Ball Deep Intl's forthcoming film, "Blondes in the jungle" :
Donna Juana - Blondes in the jungle mix (1st draught)
((FIESTA. FOREVER. Get it? (Now you get it.)))

"It's been like forever! CHEWBACCA could've evolved a whole new look!" Luke Skywalker Hairstyle continued to fret.

Ennio Morricone - Eternity

"Yeah," chided Lando Calrissian Hairstyle, "It's been almost 20 years! So much could've happened since then. WHUHT EVAR! Such a looong time, like on the evolutionary timescale! ;-P By this time his evolution could've evolved into all types of new pigmentations and body-plans! HA! I bet he's evolved winged feet by now! LOL. He could've evolved into a fungus by now! I bet he's spreading out all types of hyphae growth!!"
(ALSO: speaking of hyphae hyphy hyphie growth, you should've been knowing I forever ago should've been had told you about how the Thizzlamic Emirates posted up Wolfpack Music Vols. 1 & 2 a while back. The Pack are some immensely gifted & talented young men (esp. Young L on the beats). You need to get both mixtapes in their entire, but I'll prompt you to with a couple of my favorites:
The Pack - 2 fly (Audaciously austere)
The Pack - Show you the world (Audaciously Alladin-sampling?!?!!?!?)

For real, I bet he looks pretty much like he used to."

"Well, but what if he doesn't?!? How will we recognize CHEWBACCA if he's changed?"

"Hairstyle Luke. I know. I know CHEWBACCA has lost a lot of his hair. I know it seems like a hairless CHEWBACCA may look radically different. But here in the surfaces of my deep hairstyle trust me I have a secret cheat code secret. We'll get it done."

"Princess Leia Hairstyle, I'm only just starting to believe that hairstyle kujichagulia is the liberating and empowering hairstyle condition that it is. But if you're telling me you can find CHEWBACCA in spite of whatever new look he might have - even patterned baldness. AND regenerate his hair if he is bald.... I'll tell you: THAT IS VERY HARD TO BELIEVE.

Dillinger - Hard Believing Thomas

You better explain your CHEWBACCA detection and hair-restoration strategy to me."

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Anonymous DJ Hot Donna said...

Appendix D
The War of the West Against Iraq

On the day 1 Men (1 Eagle) in the Mayan tzolkin count, in the fifth uinal of the fifth tun (ruled by the serpent of duality) of the Galactic Underworld, the Western forces of the United Kingdom and the United States attacked Iraq and defeated the Saddam Hussein regime about two trecenas later. The invasion has extensive ramifaications and it is already evident that its consequences on global politics have been very different from -- and largely opposite to -- those of the first Gulf War. The reason is that this attack took place in an entirely different context of the universe of time described by the Mayan calendar. This war occured in the Third Day of the Galactic underworld.

In 1991, in contrast, the Seventh Day of the Planetary Underworld was rapidly approaching (beginning on February 11, 1992). Hence the 1991 war came to be a rallying point for a new planetary consensus in which democratic systems of rule seemed to be emerging everywhere, in parallel with the former division of the the world into an Eastern and Western block coming to an end. As this Underworld's Seventh Day began in 1992, the Internet came into existence, and boundaries preventing networking and communication on a global scale would disappear. A year earlier an essentially unanimous global community led by the United States launched a successful military offensive against Iraq, in response to its attempt to forcibly reincorporate Kuwait. This campaign seemed to unify the whole world. As a result, the United States emerged at the beginning of the Seventh Day of this Underworld as the world's only superpower. In the ensuing period of unprecedented economic growth, the United States seemed to become all powerful.

The 2003 war against Iraq, however, occured in a global setting whose energies were very different from those during the earlier war. We are now increasingly dominated by the dualist consciousness that has been carried by the Galactic Underworld that began on January 5, 1999. The recent largely unprovoked offensive by the Western coalition thus occurred in a different context of consciousness -- a context that may easily divide nations belonging to the East and the West rather than unify them. The light now falls on the Eastern Hemisphere and the right-brain hemisphere, and in the preparatory phase leading up to this war, especially from the the onset of the Third Day of the Galactic Underworld on December 15, 2002, it became evident that the times are not the same as in 1991. Western wars are no longer unanimously applauded. This is fundamentally because the Galactic Underworld brings a different frame of consciousness, with new values to the world. Consequently, the key to understanding the implications of this war lies in understanding this new frame of consciousness.

- Carl Jojan Calleman, Ph.D. (_The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness_, Rochester, NY, Bear & Company Press, 2004, 255-56)

Thanx for the link!

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