Friday, January 19

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 18)

Cam'ron ft Hell Rell - I'm the shit
Willie Joe ft Bloodraw, B.O.B., and Mims - Get em got em remix
334 Mobb - Scarecrow

"Hold up. I'm not understanding this shit. We're trying to get CHEWBACCA so we can show his fur the hairstyle kujichagulia. But you think he's bald now, kind of a reverse-Scarecrow? So we first have to regenerate his hair back so we can then liberate it off his body & head?"

Even though the Wookie had been his co-pilot, any specific kinship Han Solo Hairstyle felt for CHEWBACCA had been went away ever since Han Solo Hairstyle et al had underwent decorporation and decapitation. Now mind you, it's not that he had forgotten his friendship with CHEWBACCA, actually quite the contrary, actually Han Solo Hairstyles' densely ramified surfaces were amply deep enough for Han Solo Hairstyle to have many meaningful perspectives on he & CHEWBACCA'S time together in the cockpit. But he really didn't care and he was over that, but he was asking questions because he was confused and thought he should speak up to Princess Leia Hairstyle before somebody's hair got hurt by the internet.

Mac Dre - The Pain
Kyrgyz folk music - Отрывок из эпоса Манас
Kyrgyz folk music - Успокоение (Кыл-кыяк)
(I got this Kyrgyz light at skafunkrastapunk, and also a big chunk of the multifarious Mac Dre discog is available for you to yad'd'd'd'd'd'd'ddd'd'd'd''"d'd'daddadownload here)

"I mean, hasn't your worshipfull hairstyleness already demonstrated the powerful suckiness of your hairstyle with your facial surrogate digpog-face thought experiment?
Yes a wookie has a lot of hair, but is it worth us taking the ultimate risk? Don't we suck powerfully enough already? "

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