Saturday, April 16

Holla at me Bill!

Why'n'cha go ahead n' Enter the Piff? You deserve it!

U Ought to Know - Cam'ron
Cam'ron rapping over sped up classic rock is a formula of which i'll never tire! It will get your compyooter pyootin I guarantee!


Ceci n'est pas une JR Writer, a hungry & talented youngin coming up in the Dipset farm system. His style is completely derivative of Cam's, which if you think that's a bad thing you are doomed. Here are some tracks of his, from a release entitled: "The Legend (Goonie Goo Goo edition)" If you go to google, type in "hungry rapper" and press the I'm feeling lucky button, Google _should_ make the freestyle posted below come out of your computer. But in reality you get this instead. What can I say.. Google sucks. Not my fault! Google Goo Goo!

Freestyle - JR Writer
The Legend - JR Writer

But, much as I love JR Writer, u ought to know by now who the _real_ Legend is.

Also, do you understand why Hank Jennings is the only character in Twin Peaks with personalized theme music? Every time his mediocre malevolence manifests itself, his theme music plays. What's with that?


Anonymous Zartan said...

when reading your blog, I often find that I'm not given enough contextual reference to the attached images. More on the rabbit please. or did I not read closely enough?

4:41 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

Glad you asked! The trick is to dl the mpfrees, transfer them to your iPod, and listen to them while in Shavasana. With sufficient dedictation, the context will become obvious to you in your heightened state of mindfulness.

6:27 PM  

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