Friday, June 17

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 15)

Oh dear! I got so distracted by Dipset that I forgot to liberate Michael McDonald from the magnetic Captain Eo virtual reality brain stimulator! Why am I so easily distracted by Dipset!?! Michael McDonald's brains are probably toasted by now!

When I finally manage to wrest Mike's skull out of that evil transcranial magnetic stimulator, I have to wipe the slobber away from his mouth. He is definitely pretty messed up.
"MIKE! MIKE! Are you OK? How are your brains? Say something!"
"Thinky thinky thinky... it's kinky!" Wow! Mike is really damaged. I feel so guilty.
Amos & Sara - It's Kinky
"Mike! Mike! How do you feel?"
"Huh? Where am I? Why did you give me an extra pair of arms and an extra pair of legs?"
Oh My GOD! That brain stimulator fried Mike so bad, it must have rewired his the cortical representation of his body! Perceptually, he's acquired 4 phantom limbs! His mind is telling him he has 2 extra arms and 2 extra legs. Normally, people experience phantom limbs when they've lost a limb. I've never heard of somebody perceiving a limb that was never there in the first place! That is messed up!

THE INHUMANITY OF IT! THOSE EPCOT NINJA BASTARDS!!! His brain thinks he's an octopod! With all those extra perceived limbs, Mike won't be able to control his real limbs! When his brain says "move the left arm", his body'll be like "which one!" He'll have to ride in a wheelchair! NOO!!!

"I'll get those Epcot motherfuckers. If it's the last thing I do."
Vince DiCola - It's War
"Yeah, Mike. We'll totally get those motherfuckers. But now, we've gotta get outta here before those ninjas come back to finish us off! Where should we go?"
"I'm in a NY State of Mind. Let's head up there."
Cam'ron ft Fat Joe, Remy Ma - NY State of Mind
(yep, Cam'ron on Billy Joel again. hurry and download this one so you can hear Cam say "Call MOP I need more fiyah!/that's Billy and Fizzy/Dem niggas really get busy/it'll be rilly ah-rizzy/mac milly silly on sissies/chinchilly when chilly/I just grin I gotta be winnin/they all bitin, milli vanillies", because you will like it when he says that I know!)
"Yeah, that'd be cool, but since you can't move your arms and legs, you can't do any secret Internet Google Maps cheat moves! And my secret Google isn't good enough to get us all the way up to NY via the interinternet. My range can't get us out of the Orlando metro area."
"Ok ok. How about we go to Wet & Wild, the water park. They got the bitchinest wave pool in the USA! AND ALSO, WATERSLIDES!!!"

That does sound pretty sweet. Ok, time for some secret transdimensional secret internet interinternet Google Maps cheat style movements. Wet 'n Wild here we come!


Anonymous juser said...

What are you.... some kind of super genius??DIP DI DIP DI DIP DIP SET! Fuck ya'all n**gas, that's word to my MOTHER B! I told you, I'm half cookoo, half motherfuckin crazy.......

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude I seriously canNot wait til I get back to the US of A so I can get that NY state of mind track, I <3 Billy J! dipset OK also

SUMMIT PLUMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope u got headz roll, is better than I thought at first! I just ate a 'hot salt beef' 'beigel', WTF is up with london, this shit suxxxx! respekt da pubternet!


1:24 PM  

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