Saturday, July 30

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 29)


I've gotta tell him. I've gotta tell Michael McDonald not to attack Epcot Center.
"Mike? I've gotta tell you something..."
"What is it? Make it quick, I have imagineers to annihilate, buddy."
"Uhh... I, uh, wanted you to listen to these mpfrees:"
David Banner - Diamonds freestyle

Twista ft David Banner - Diamonds in my watch piece

Jim Jones ft Max B, Jay-Z(?) - D.I.P.S.E.T.

"Uh, Mike, do you think that third verse was Jigga? It sounds like him, but he's not listed onit though..."
"Uh, I dunno, I guess it sounds a lot like him... Did you look at the internet?"
"Yeah, I googled the tracklisting... A couple of places say Jim, Max B, and '?'"
"Hmm. It seems wierd that he would have Jay-z on the track and try to be secret about it. Does he not want to sell this shit?"
"Ha. Yeah. Uh, good point. Maybe it's not him. Wonder who the hell it is then..."

...I know I know, I chickened out. I was going to confront Mike, tell him to abandon this deluded vendetta against Epcot Center, but I couldn't do it...
The words are like stuck in my mouth.


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