Monday, July 4

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 21)

Michael McDonald's rage is becoming scary.
Juelz ft JR Writer - Gonna get ya

"WE! gonna getcha, gonna getcha, gonna getcha Epcot
WE! gonna getcha, gonna getcha, gonna getcha Epcot
WE! gonna getcha, gonna getcha, gonna getcha Epcot," Michael McDonald chanted, the words spewing out of his mouth as if there was also foam coming out of his mouth, like as if he had been bit by a rabid racoon. He's pissed!
"How dare those jerks send ninjas disguised as girls to trick me to blast my brain with magnetic waves? How dare they send an animatronic cyborg disguised as me to blast you with lasers? AND, they plan to replace everybody in the human race with animatronic replicas! We musn't tolerate such a lack of respect!Me_copy
Un Kasa ft Juelz - Respect the byrd

At first, I was siked to get revenge on Epcot, but now it seems like Michael McDonald wants to take it too far. What he said next was the most troubling. His words will stay with me for a while.
Neo ft Peedi Crakk - Stay with me

"Epcot center is unqualified evil. All good people must steadfastly oppose them."

Yeesh. I almost always find moral absolutism to be rather distasteful. Mixing it with the blind rage by which Michael McDonald is currently consumed, and it's nothing but trouble. But I don't think I can debate the right and wrong of it with him right now. He's too fired up. Maybe I can dissuade Mike from this righteous vendetta with a tactical argument.

"Mike -- Are you sure we can take Epcot Center? I barely know any secret Google, and even with all your internet secret Google cheat secret internet styles, I'm not sure you can defeat them!" Me_copy

"Ha," Mike replied, "don't you worry about that, lil buddy. We'll be able to take em. You don't even have any idea how shockingly awesome my Secret Google is. I'm going to show you some of the most hurtful secret Google secrets there are! When we get done with them, the only thing that Epcot's imagineers will be able to imagine will be the insides of ambulances. Hahahaha! That won't be a very rich inner life, eh?"
Vybz Kartel - Ambulance

Mike elaborated: "The first secret Google move I will show you is the secret Google News anonomous internet source mudbath style. Epcot's imagineers' reputations will drown in a sea of unflattering anonomously-sourced hearsay and conjecture. Our internet smear techniques will consign them permanently to the margins of internet culture! MOOHAHAHAHAHAH!"
Amos & Sara - Mudchuckar Man

You see what I mean when I say Michael McDonald is becoming scary?


Blogger Minikomi said...

mr german minimal monolake diabled my ableton live and i think he might be coming after you guys next with some copyright protection aikido. watch yer back!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous jace said...

part 21 already! rage on my friend, rage on.

networks (like the internet) need doses of rational irrationality to become truly human, psychedelic spikes in the html punch

5:10 PM  

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