Tuesday, July 12

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 23)


Michael McDonald is mesmerized by his belief that he needs to get revenge on Epcot Center. He's gonna ride on the imagineers.

JR Writer - Mesmerized
"After they mesmerized,
they wanna stress the guy
download his songs, get em all memorized
Naw I ain't spittin game
I just drive dem chicks insane
every magazine I'm in
got em all picture-frame
they down to stand in line
whisperin "damn he fine"
got a man that's a fan o' mine's.
they bring me dandelions
hop out the lotus
and just flip
flick flick
JR Writer - If Only you believe
(nice interview w/ JR, part of Dipset week at allhiphop.com!!)
Jim Jones ft Max B - Day to day
(And you can go and get get you some more Dipset more-than-music from Killer Mike (and also you can get some R. Kelly more than music too! the Trapped in the Closet video in all its 5 part glory (which has the best sex scene involving a fully-clothed popstar since Purple Rain)))
Mike elaborates on the incredible potency of the the secret Google News character assassination internet secrets he intends to use against Epcot's imagineers:
"My secret google will wither their character to its depths."

"I'll flood the internet with critiques so multifaceted and penetrating, they can't get their heads around it".
"The scathing indictments will break their heart and split their head, and wash over them like an estuary."
"The attacks will peel apart their inside layers. What's underneath?"