Tuesday, July 19

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 25)

Michael McDonald continues to ascend into a state of absolute apoplexy.
"BLOØ¥NGGG those Epcot Mother∫¨nπøqers in the ˆøπøπø∆!!!"
Man, it's gotten so intense when Mike tries to say cusswords, he instead vocalizes strange non-phonemic sound effects: chirps, trills, etc.
Kind of like the clean version of that new Ying Yang single, which utilizes some really nifty synth effects and slowdowns to delete out all the expletives. (Taken together with the sitars and the tastefully-restrained bongoes, this one has supplanted the one with Trick Daddy from the last album for the title of my favorite Ying Yang mpfree.)
Ying Yang ft Mike Jones - Badd (clean)
See what I mean? Michael McDonald is producing similar noises out of his mouth when he tries to cuss. Probably a good thing for this blog, since Michael McDonald's cussing has probably been too frequent for the tastes of many readers (it is for my Mom's at least - she told me so).

Oh boy.... Michael McDonald just got worse. You know how sometimes when folks get the spirit they start talking in tongues and doing the St Vitus dance and all that? Well, now instead of making cool sound-designy noises when he tries to cuss, Michael McDonald's mouth is vocalizing incredibly urgent-sounding orchestral breakcore which also has demonic synth interventions, and also Motley Crue and Herbie Lovebug samples. Which is all the more impressive, since a
Venetian Snares fansite
only just recently posted a gaggle of Venetian Snares live sets, among which is included a set he performed in Detroit on 3/5/05, which if you download and listen to it, you will not believe the incredible symptoms Michael McDonald is displaying right now, because how could the internet be so lucky that breakcore this blessed exists at all, let alone that it would be coming out of anyone's mouth, even one as world renowned as Michael McDonald's?
Cam, Juelz, & Jim - World Reknown

I don't know what Michael McDonald is trying to say with these great breakcore songs, but I bet it is either a description of another secret Google cheat code or it is about how bad he hates Epcot's imagineers.
Actually, Michael McDonald doesn't really sound like that. I'm sorry.
horsemikesHe really does sound crazy and scary right now, but to adequately describe how he sounds with text it would take a better blogger than me. And I don't have any recording devices at hand, and even if I did, Mike's voice is using Secret internet Google>Arts>Music secret ultrasonic falsetto cheat expletive replacement strategies , which don't sound good when encoded in mp3. Plus, isn't this Venetian Snares totally good?
I mean, how could any mouth, even one as magnificent as Michael McDonald'shorsemikes
make all those sounds? Yes, Michael McDonald has a superb vocal tract. Yes, his breath control is nothing short of a miracle. horsemikes
And yes, he's forgotten more Secret Google cheat codes than any of us will ever know. But it takes a another kind of mind, and a computer, to make the music that Venetian Snares makes. And Michael McDonald's mouth, however limitless its endowments can sometimes seem, does not have these things.



Blogger ellen. said...

Ummm...are we all aware that the guy who plays stewart on Mad tv is also Michael McDonald?

7:37 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

Ha! Yeah I figured it out because he kept coming up when I was searching for MMcD on Google Image Search!

11:00 PM  

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