Friday, July 15

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 24)


Michael McDonald's raging continues, full throttle.

B-Slimm/Droop-E/Mugzi/Kaveo/E-40/Turftalk - Full Throttle

Also continuing full throttle are his descriptions of the terrible effects his Google Cheat code war will bring to Epcot's Imagineers:

"YES! My secret Google internet character assassination internet secrets soon to be unleashed upon my enemies, the Imagineers of Epcot, will consist of so many disparate and bewildering charges, accusations, criticisms, and diagnoses, that when, after they have looked at the internet and seen how deeply and comprehensively their characters have been described, they will look at their reflection and wonder, 'Who is this face?,' and they will listen to themselves, and the voice will be unfamiliar, and they will pinch themselves, and it will hurt unusually bad, and, most disorientingly, they will smell themselves, and the smell will be unfamiliar. It will be like they are smelling someone else. And that someone else will smell unpleasant. Woe unto them!"

Yo yo - So funky (screwed & chopped by DJ Screw)

Damn! That's harsh! Does Michael McDonald have the right to pass such a harsh judgement on Epcot's Imagineers? It's like he's lost his sense of judgement!
Lost Aaraaf - The Lost Judgement

(Lost Aaraaf was Keiji Haino's first band, and like pretty much everything he has ever touched, they were totally awesome)

And then, me & Michael McDonald noticed that TJSDJS, the awesome place that has been hosting all the newly-leaked David Banner tracks (which we heard about originally from probably either Catchdini or Canary-burgundy ), is hosting a totally amazing 2 CDs worth of mp3s by up-&-coming Southern MCs (almost none of whom I've heard of called "3rd Qtr Exclusive CD) which I haven't listened to all of yet but seems pretty hot from what me & Mike have heard so far. Check these!!!!
The Xtremists- Break the Chains
(3 6-esque, Book of Revelation-tinged, & revolutionary but gangsta. yeesh...)
Dirty ft Bun B - Rollie Pollie
("y'all might not like the beat, but then again, y'all might")
Jazze Pha ft Cee-lo - Happy Hour
(I usually hate Jazze Pha, and I think people who drink apple martini's and the other drinks described herein suffer from a deficiency of character, but..........)
2-Slabz - Yah yah
Man, listening to these tracks seems to be bringing Michael McDonald out of his wild vengeful rampage mindset. I wish he could get back to the way he used to be...
I doubt that's gonna happen. My optimism and nostalgia are waay misplaced.

(ALSO: one more thing. Hate to break character, but I just have to tell y'all that in real life I am flying up to WA state this weekend. Me & my girlfriend are going to visit the town where Twin Peaks was shot. Yes I am going to be downing cups of joe at the Double R diner, etc. In honor of this momentous occasion, I would like to share with the internet a BADalamenti song my roomate Owen made about David Lynch with a 1984 synthesizer and guitar feedback:
Lil Synth aka Lil Sinna - David Lynch eats feedback for breakfast
and have some more Lil Syntha jams )


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dude, that image is HAUNTING! 2717!!!!!!! be safe in the WA!


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