Wednesday, June 29

dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 20)

So, like I said, Michael McDonald is a human screwtape right now. Slowed down, Mike comes across as a very deep thinker, and we've had some very illuminating conversations. But now Mike's gotta speed back up. We have to go back to Epcot Center to get our revenge.

This is it - Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald (screwed) (This track brought to you by Nat ASilentFlute (THANKS DUDE!))

This is it! We gotta get our revenge. Those Epcot imagineers tricked Mike into bombarding his brains with magnetic waves and their animatronic henchmen almost blasted me to death with lasers! Also, they plan to replace everybody in the human race with animatronic replicas!

And, as cool as Mike is as a human screwtape, there's no way he can fight those Epcot imagineer fuckers all slow like this.
"Mike, we gotta get you back up to normal speed. It's time for some aerobic exercise. I'll put on some hot dance music for you to jam to!"
R.J.'s Latest Arrival - Aerobic Dancing (Keep Dancing) (screwed)

"Mike, what are you stopping for? KEEP DANCING!"
"But... I'm.... tired...."

Wow, Mike is really out of shape!
"I... have... to... stop... dancing..."
"This... is.... TORTURE...."
The Jacksons - Torture (screwed)
"Oh, c'mon, Mike! Since when was dancing torture? Don't be such a baby! Did I bitch when you made me chug so much Secret Internet Google Wine Cooler that I was hallucinating?"

OK, Mike seems to be getting back up to speed. Now, I just need to play him something really agressive to make him want to waste those Epcot Center guys. And who better to make you want to beat the shit out of somebody than David Banner?

David Banner - No Mo (Bitch What)
David Banner ft 8Ball- My Gun
(The first one is old -- from his 1st solo album, Them Firewater Boyz, Vol 1. The second one is brand new. I found out about it from Nick Catchdubs(Check for some more Banner over at Cocaine Blunts ))

WHOA! That did the trick! Now Michael McDonald is ready to throw down!

"Let's get em, Mike!"


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