Tuesday, July 26

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 28)

Sara goes pop - Sexy Terrorist
Michael McDonald says: "I am going to bring terror to the imagineers of Epcot Center! Even their eponymously-vaunted imaginations will be unable to imagine the terror my Google Cheat code war will bring! GRRRRR!"
And then he bared his teeth. And I must admit, his teeth looked very ferocious. How ferocious? I have secretly replaced Michael McDonald's teeth with an animated gif which originated from a high resolution image of a tiger's skull so that you, the reader who is on the internet and not with us, can experience the ferocity of his facial gesture! See the rage just caroming out of the teeth, even from the hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth! Michael McDonald is so angry he doesn't even have to floss!
Michael McDonald also said: "The nerve of those bastards! I mean, they sent ninjas dressed as girls who were dressed as prisoners but not wearing pants fool me into blasting my skull with magnetic waves! And also, they sent an animatronic cyborg disguised as me to blast you with lasers! AND, they plan to replace everybody in the human race with animatronic replicas! For this I feel it is justified to initiate a Google cheat code War unimaginable to even the admittedly-quite-big imagination of the imagineers!

(Having heard Mike talk about warfare, you probably want a warfare-themed soundfile! Well, let me do you a favor and tell you to go & Download the "Feel that warfare!" mix by steev vee , then!)

Mike sure seems like he's really angry at Epcot! But maybe it isn't anger at Epcot that's making him act this way. I'm beginning to wonder if the real reason is because he's afraid. I mean, take a look at what's happened. I've always thought that Michael McDonald was one of the greatest Google cheaters that there ever was. But seeing how badly Epcot center has manhandled him (not to mention R. Kelly), I'm beginning to doubt whether his crack google cheating skills are really as crack as they're cracked up to be.
And you don't think Michael McDonald has noticed it too? That maybe his Google cheat moves are not so powerful after all? That maybe he has met his match in Epcot's imagineers? Can you imagine how that must make him feel inside? (If not, look at this picture:) Me_copy
He's Michael McDonald! Do you want to tell him that his Google Cheat code style couldn't even handle a bunch of corporate stooges like the Imagineers of Epcot? I don't! That would be like telling Mike that the dude who sang on "China Grove" was a better frontman and vocalist than him! Imagine the devastating effect this must be having on Michael McDonald's self image! (in case you can't imagine it:) Me_copy
So, his acting all crazy and bloodthirsty is just a facade, a wall he's erected between himself and the incredibly painful self-doubt he must be feeling right now, a wall that disallows any emotional contact he might make with this issue! It's not that he's mad! He's sad and scared! I'm sad for him! Are you sad for him? C'mon, you can't be mad at him!
High Rise - Psychedelic Wall
High Rise - Disallow


(ALSO: Sorry I have not posted any Dipset in several days... There have not been any new Dipset mpfrees crossing my path recently which I could include without jeopardizing the future of this epic already-28-part plotline. Frequent visitors to this url will know that I value the integrity of this plotline over everything, which includes Dipset too. (SIKE! I just haven't been able to download music for a few days.) I know that some will feel that this is irresponsible of me, to shirk my Dipset duties, since I am the internet's only source of hot Dipset mpfrees (SIKE! There are many dudes on the internet who are putting the blogspot game back in circus mode by furnishing Dipset mpfrees. And if you clowns need me to tell you again thatChris Lemon-Red is hosting the Juelz track that will make "AY!" a household word, then I suggest you step up your remedial level of internet vigilance or at least go there and download that track. Right now!)


Anonymous mya said...

i really do feel pretty bad for Michael McDonald. He just wanted to help you... and this cannot be good for his career.

6:18 AM  
Blogger Mr. Babylon said...

"the dude who sang on "China Grove" was a better frontman and vocalist than him..." I've always thought this.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Thùy Liên said...

It's scary. VAMPYR

4:35 AM  

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