Friday, August 5

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 33)

Juelz - Hate it or Love it
Hate it or love it? I hate it that so many good beats get bought up and slobbered on by G-Unit. I love it that Juelz takes those good beats and versions them on mixtapes. I also love it that Juelz' character seems to be maturing in lockstep with his rapping. Sez Juelz:
"I mean, I used to , I used to just say the game was gonna be mine, but fuck it, I don't mind sharing. The game about to be ours.... AY!"
I hate it that Michael McDonald won't stop watching Michael Bell-Smith's remix of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" where he layered all 5 parts on top of each other. I mean, I agree that the remix is awesome, but don't you think Michael McDonald has been watching it a little excessively?
Plus, while he's been staring at the computer drooling over the multiple R. Kellies, a demon attacked me.
We've all got our demons, but this demon wasn't mine. It was somebody else's. It wasn't an especially tough demon. My secret Google cheat codes were enough to make it go away. But it would have been nice to get a little help from Michael McDonald!! But noooo, he had to just keep on staring at the computer. That demon was intense, and so is Sickboy the Belgian producer who colostomized out this here breakcore burner which is also about attacking demons:
Sickboy - Intense Demonic Attacks

Oh, so now Michael McDonald has something to say (it better be good):
"Mooo hahahahaha! I have it now! I have invented a new secret Google cheat code that will devastate Epcot's imagineers!"
"What is it, Mike?"
"Well. I've actually only designed it at this point. I haven't actually made the cheat code. For that I'll need to borrow your brain!"


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