Tuesday, August 9

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 34)

"Mike, what the hell are those noises you're making?"
"That's the bird call! C'mere real quick."
JR Writer ft lil Wayne - Bird Call
It looks like Michael McDonald built a machine.
"I need to put your brain in this machine to make the secret Google cheat code that will truly annihilate Epcot's imagineers. But not yet, I still need to do some more secret tinkering and I need to wait for the mailman to deliver an important item I ordered on Froogle. So sit tight."
"Uh, Ok...."
Michael McDonald hasn't watched Michael Bell-Smith's remix of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" in several minutes. He's trying to concentrate on building his fancy machine, but it's not hard to tell that deep down he just wants to watch and listen to several layers of R. Kelly . It's really kind of sick how into that video Michael McDonald has gotten. Like, he was in the middle of installing some flashing diodes into his machine when he started singing (and I'm pretty sure he didn't even realize he was singing): "Everytime I close my eyes, I wake up feeling like watching R. Kelly". How scary is that? Michael McDonald is feenin to watch R. Kelly with a passion that rivals that of a Jodeci slow jam. I'm sorry to have to tell you about Michael McDonald's sick fixation, but I have to tell you the truth, because this is the internet.
Jodeci ft Raekwon, Ghostface- Freek'n U
Jodeci - Feenin' (screwed & chopped by DJ Screw)
"Ok, the machine's ready. Hop in!"
"Oh! (Oh) No! (No)"
Ciara ft Ludacris - Oh (Chopped & Screwed by OG Ron C)
(I just wish OG Ron C had brought back Ciara's decelerating "Cadillac" like a couple hundred more times... AH!)


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