Tuesday, October 18

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 54)

Wow. hateit
Get a load of Michael McDonald! Just listening to this 24-hr long timestretched version of Beethoven's 9th is doing a number on his hostility -- just a couple days ago, he had nothing in his head but wanting to exact his bloody revenge against Epcot's imagineers.
The Floaters - Float On (screwed & chopped by OG Ron C
Now look at him -- meditating so well that he's sitting on air! I could never meditate like that! Could this be the reason why Michael McDonald is so good at secret Google cheats? He's even more tranquil now than he was when R. Kelly's headbutts turned him into a human screwtape.

hateit HEY! What the hell is that guy doing here? Aw hell! I think the Dreamfinder set a trap by playing that intensely anxiolytic 24-hr Beethoven's thing to Michael McDonald, knowing it would be so therapeutic to his mind that he would become a pacifist. Way too chill to fight with that guy. hateithateit. Especially with that guy's fists!

Oh. Wha...wait? What? Michael McDonald is gonna fight? Michael McDonald is gonna fight! This whole time he was meditiating he was inventing new secret Google cheat codes?
"That's right, buddy. In my mind, I was inventing new secret Google that whole time. I'm gonna make that guy's fists collapse!"
The Homosexuals - Collapsible You
Hey why is that guy sucking his thumb? Is that guy animatronic or is he human?


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is that dhaslim? fuck yeah.

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look outr OR we wil ldo to you like we did to DC.

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