Wednesday, October 19

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 55)

Is Michael McDonald really ready to fight that guy? I'm troubled by the ominous manner in which that guy sucks his thumb? What is that guy some kind of baby? That guy seems not to be a baby, so there must be another reason?

hateit hateit

HEY Michael McDonald is starting the fight! Here's a new cheat code:

Whoa, Michael McDonald has engineered a secret Google internet carotid/tracheo-flamethrower move, but that guy 's skin seems to retard the flame. AND, that guy appears ready to make his countermove.




Is that what I think it is?
Three 6 Mafia ft lil Flip - Ridin Spinners (screwed)


Yes, this totally explains why that guy was sucking his thumb! He was readying his hands to form a polychromatic centrifugating Tolstoy face fist! And now there it is. I didn't expect that guy to come with anything nearly so deadly! The inexorable power of the Tolstoy face has been acceptably described in Barthelme's account of the Tolstoy Museum:
"I don't think you can peer into one man's face for too long -- for too long a period. A great many human passions could be discerned, behind the skin...
...Too, those who are caught by Tolstoy's eyes, in the various portraits, room after room, are not unaffected by the experience. It is like, people say, committing a small crime and being discovered at it by your father, who stands in four doorways, looking at you."

Yes! Totally! Furthermore, hateit imagine how it makes you feel to see the clockwise and counter-clockwise revolution of the Tolstoy face about the axis of that guy's wrists (and it is also very colorful, to boot!).

I mean, you don't have to imagine hateit how it makes you feel. You see the polychrome propellering Tolstoy face fists, you already know what you're feeling, I'm not trying to dictate your feelings to you (no way!), you're on the internet and you can't control what you feel, so I most certainly can't either, but I'm just saying!

Prince - Can't stop the feeling

Clearly hateit that guy's centrifugal Tolstoy face fisting has got me worked up. I think Michael McDonald had better just surrender. How's he gonna top that?


Blogger Minikomi said...

haha damn man youve been busy! damn you for distracting me from my thesis with so much ACTION!

7:29 AM  
Anonymous kn said...

waxinations off the griddle, yall on that Richard Block and its a bit dippy

4:45 AM  

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