Tuesday, January 1

I found Michael McDonald(.16)

O8 is exactly like, oh wait.
E.g., Oh wait, so sorry but I decided not to blog for a while, but I have been faced with having many scary problems.
Anthony B - Own order
Lil B ft Young L - U C god (2/4ths of the Pack)
Current 93 ft Rose McDowall - In sadness sang
But then I noticed
And it was so awesome!meditati.gif picture by 893
I FELL IN, TO A BURNING RING OF NOT BLOGGING! http://umeancompetitor.blogspot.com/2007_12_01_archive.html

And I was like, wait why is this so awesome? Am I fucking meditating right now? I guess...

...not blogging is exactly like meditating and it is exactly like, so awesome , and fuck I didn't want to share something exactly like that with Armen Boladian or his lawyers. But I will share something exactly like this with you:
Часть 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/65805185/_2007__Catching_the_Big_Fish__Disk_1.rar
Часть 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/65824081/_2007__Catching_the_Big_Fish__Disk_2.rar

& then,
Armen Boladian stopped saying "SIGN WITH ME." & began saying: "SO DUZ U C A GUD WEBSEITZ I CAN HAZ L8LY?" I think Armen Boladian is using his lawyers to use the cats' lolinator to make small talk about the internet. Maybe his motive is sinister, but maybe we can helpMichael McDonald with our small talk. And I have seen some good websites and, what's more, I do like to make small talk about the internet.

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