Monday, April 18

Prince's Productivity Enhancement Strategies (pt 1)

So, I recently acquired a compilation entitled: Prince - "The Work", a collection of Prince's demos, outtakes, and home recording experiments. Here's a story about it. I bartered for "The Work" on The Bone Trade by trading the cartilage of a celeb whom I am contractually obliged not to name. Suffice it to say that the bone trade is a great way to get obscure music and other desirable items. Here's an interview with a leading bone trader, from NPR I guess.


Listening to this music got me to thinking: how can Prince's unreleased, home-doodle recordings be of such high quality? How can one human being possibly be so productive? Seeking answers, I used secret Google cheat codes to access secret internet data about Prince -- his lifestyle, his philosophy, his biology. I will now share with you the fruits of my search.


One important thing is that Prince never did drugs. The online toxilogical data are unambiguous: Prince lived clean. In the track below, Prince articulates how his unique style kept him high on life, which partly explains his productivity, albeit to a very limited extent.

Purple Music - Prince

If you think "Just Say No" suffices to explain the Prince oeurve, then you are in for some surprises.


Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming? A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer attains conscious control over the dream. The dreamer can thus contol the dreamer's own actions, and also sometimes the actions of other persons and things in the dream. Some gifted people are able to harness the power of lucid dreams to accomplish goals in their waking lives. Can you just imagine what that does for one's productivity? Well don't strain your imagination too hard! Compared to Prince's productivity enhancement strategies, working during lucid dreaming is as useful to ones' musical career as covering one's face in cole slaw! I.E., not very!

Dream Factory (Intro) - Prince
Dream Factory - Prince


NEXT TIME: Find out the secret REAL story behind the mysterious Prince symbol, and how it relates to his earth-shattering productivity strategies!


Also: Matt HoustonSoReal, on the vast left-wing conspiracy to publicize Houston rap to the cultural elite.


Anonymous Zartan said...

Eagerly awaiting a clue on how i can be more like Prince in any way whatsoever.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmm . . . you could contact your local Jehovah Witness congregation. Prince is a JW these days . . . according to that trashy newspaper insert Parade magazine.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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