Monday, February 6

Where is Michael McDonald? (pt 8)

Sorry I was trying this whole time to find Michael McDonald, but it hasn't worked. I'm glad you can't see my face right now, because it has a sad and frustrated look. Desperate, even.

J. R. Writer - Look at the grillz

("Puttin out trash like they should get a litterin fine/ Ya litterin? Fine./ I ain't mad at you you're wack it's true (true)/You ain't hot you just doing what you have to do (true)")

But I think I have uncovered a new clue, and I couldnta done it without the internet!

My suspicions were immediately aroused when, shortly after I first voiced my concern about Michael McDonald, the words of concern I wrote on my blog became a song when Mo sang them at her & Abe's website called Abe & Mo sing the blogs.

Because why would anybody sing those words, unless the song is intended to communicate some underlying secret message? Like for instance where Mike is. So here. Listen to her. Carefully:
Marisa Olson - I'm really worried about Michael McDonald

Do you hear it? Me neither! The secret message must be subtle or something, because all my secret Google cheat code decoder codes are totally powerless on it! What is the secret and why can't I hear it? Via email, I posed that question to a leading thinker in the field of secret vocalization secrets: /Jace:

" I bet you're right.

i also think i hear sublingual musculature contraction-frequency hacks.

its hard to tell with the mpeg-compression, which includes an
algorhythmic subroutine defined to simulaneously MASK and AMPLIFY the
potency. these contraction-frequency hacks manifest themselves through
what the average listener is meant to interpret as "vibrato". or lack of.
I've got reasons to suspect that the underlying technology was
originally developed by Swiss-Nazi yodelers while visiting Hollywood as
extras in The Sound of Music."

Holy shit that pins the needles right on the money! Marisa's singing is like Keak's notably sans vibrato rapping style, except Marisa has vibrato, only it's inaudible, when rendered in hazy quantal packets of mpegs. So... the key is to somehow measure the silent yodels. Thanks //Jace!!

PsysEx - #460

(PsysEx Aka Polyrhythm System Exclusive etc...)

Yes digital has always made it hard to hear the yodeling. But fortunately, I do know a few secret Google cheat protocols adequate to unpack and emptying the quanta. It's a simple matter of counteryodeling the yodels, thus nullifying and then you can hear it if you listen to the null. Right?

It is also advisable to view some of the quicktime footage Mo and Abe have amassed at Universal Acid because there may well be additional questions for which additional secret yodels will be suitable for the unpacking:

Marisa Olson - I'm really worried about Michael McDonald (Yodel Counter Yodel Null Yodel remix by 893)

So now I can hear the secret Michael McDonald message Marisa encoded into secret yodels. The message is: "You can find Michael McDonald in a plane........"

Wednesday, February 1

Where is Michael McDonald (pt 7)

Out of my way! I'm trying to find Michael McDonald.

Mac Dre - Toyz
Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina - What Ever You Got

And Soundwave and Blaster are not going to stop me no way. They need more cassette warriors. Don't make me go carwash of doom on the blogo-internets.

Also, I want to salute our leader for spearheading the following visionary initiative, because y'all motherfuckers really do need to do some science:

"I announce the American Competitiveness Initiative, to encourage innovation throughout our economy, and to give our Nation's children a firm grounding in math and science."

Angelo Badalamenti - Don't do anything (I wouldn't do)

I am competing with myself to find Michael McDonald.