Tuesday, August 22

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 1)

Pierre Henry - Prologue
Outkast - Myintrojusttoletyouknow
Weezy & Juelz - Rubber burnin'
Lesego Rampolokeng & The Kalahari Surfers - End beginnings
Several years ago, in a city 1 continent away (ie, San Francisco), I participated in a secret conspiracy. My role in the conspiracy was to drop a just-purchased vinyl copy of Max Roach's "M'Boom" onto a specific tile of the Haight St sidewalk. I will not speak further on the conspiracy. Better for both of us if we don't.

Instead, I will tell about how, when I tried a secret remix strategy to get a closer listen to the sidewalk-induced scratches, I was murdered. It's ok, I certainly deserve to die for this remix (which I made by playing the record at >78rpm & recording it onto a tape using a partial depression cheatcode Michael McDonald taught me and which I have used previously (in a far more appropriate context) for a
counteryodel technology), definitely, you can hear the remix yourself, but the hairstyle that slew me did it for the wrong reasons... but it's no problem either way. Here's the remix:
Max Roach & M'boom - Kujichagulia (bad remix for which a hairstyle avenged on me)

The hairstyle that killed mewas Princess Leia Hairstyle. That day, I had fucked up and bought the Star Wars trilogy DVD, and something about the unjustness of my remix and the unjustness of what Lucas did to the end of Jedi mixed... Kujichagulia means "self-determination" in Swahili. I should've thought more about what that might mean before I bought a Star Wars DVD & and made a bad Max Roach remix. Had I, I might've not created the conditions for Star Wars Hairstyles Sovereignty, and thus avoided the mild and temporary tragedy the Princess Leia Hairstyle wreaked on me.

These hairstyles can do as they see fit now... Fuck George Lucas!! (Princess Leia Hairstyle's words, not mine)

But not all the hairstyles were liberated -- the kujichagulia spread with a disappointing selectivity. This hairstyle began to creep off of the disk, but then crept back before it crept free... Why were some hairstyles left stuck to the heads on the DVD? I don't know, Star Wars is full of hair.

As soon as she was liberated, (almost before), Princess Leia Hairstyle's first action was to terminate me, but I didn't care.
Notorious BIG - Dead Wrong acapella
Flower Travellin' Band - I'm dead pt 1 & 2 (this link is Rapidshare b/c it is a long track (but worth every moment))

Flower Travellin' Band - I'm dead pt 1 & 2 (this link is Rapidshare b/c it is a long track (but worth every moment) also, I was really dead)
(Incidentally, I must tell you that this track comes from the blog that kills blogs dead, Cities on Flame with Rock & Roll (COFWR&R), which has an absurdly extensive catalog of out-of-print Japanese psychedelic music. Full albums on rapid share. EGHK. Prepare to see many tracks from there on this blog. This track comes from an album entitled From pussies to death in 10,000 years of freak out!)

For my bad remix, Princess Leia Hairstyle made me pay the ultimate price, but I can afford it, which is why I didn't care that she killed me. Don't forget, I have a lot of internet skill. I used a secret internet gmail secret cheat code secret. Actually it's not even secret, this one should be obvious to anybody who is thinking about it: every gmail account comes with 100 invitations, right? Well I used those 100 invites to invite myself 100 times, and then iterated that to get 100100 (which = 1.0 × 10200 ) and then again to get (1.0 × 10200)100. And so on and so forth for a few more generations of invitations to self. And you get 1 GB per account... Do you know how much memory I have now? Shit, I got so much memory I got backups of myself, & I got backups of the whole world, & & I got backups of the possible worlds. That's so much memory, it's like I got a time machine! It's nothing to bring me back! I'm BAAAACK!!!! But who cares? The important question is what will the Star Wars Hairstyles do with kujichagulia.
Weezy & Juelz - Rewind
Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travellin' Band - Time machine
(Time machine also c/o COFWR&R from an album called Kirikyogen)

Thursday, August 3

Take down your snoopy posters

Cam'ron - Weekend (c/o (see also (& also also))

Not sure if I he said Snoopy but we'll assume I heard that right so...

...so I can help declassify a weekend mission that begins Thurs nite at the Orignal Pizza Pizza which is pizza absent the pineapple and the canada bacons. Indeed it's nuuuuutttin to do with pizza, instead it's the Professor Murder CD release party. I been had that CD, and it's the same shape as a pizza -- you need to buy one before mamabird brings it to the internests

"...not a lemon it's lemon..."

Also for that weekend, here's some more Swap Meet-era Dr. Dre:
Dr. Dre - Roadium mixtape