Thursday, October 18

I found Michael McDonald (point 13)

Limahl - Neverending Story
Michio Kurihara - Do Deep-Sea Fish Dream of Electric Moles?
Fabo ft Young Jeezy - Geeked up (screwed & chopped by OG Ron C (UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED))
Human League - The Year of the Jetpacks

Oh goddamn I guess he's here now...

The bad man, of whom Dr. Jacoby says he is eviller than Dick Cheney & Olivia Newton John, combined!

Why is Jacoby looking at the guy with the scary face? Maybe at least now it will almost be time to disabuse Michael McDonald of his Chewbacca delusion ? & u'all know that can't be bad! Can it? I guess it depends who he is...



WHO IS HE?????

"I AM ARMEN BOLADIAN. I use my lawyers to kill hip hop. I will help you to help Michael McDonald, but you must also help my lawyers help me."

Whoa! I wasn't expecting him to be so evil! Am I going to have to choose between Hip Hop and Michael McDonald?
"I use my lawyers to inquilinize your MySpace page to consummate our partnership. You will like to do businesses with me."

'Consummate'? Did I already choose? Do I have a choice?

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