Monday, March 12

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 22)

"O I still don't have a projector. O please patiently wait for my powerpoint. SSSSSSSSSSSIKE! I will now project projections onto y'all."

The Killing Joke - Psssyche

Now after that first little bit of grabassery, now Princess Leia Hairstyle's seriously orating. She rolls up her sleeves (figuratively: she and the other hairstyles are armless, torsoless, headless -- disembodied) to reveal the most muscular hairstyle rhetoric ever delivered on blogspot.

Duke da God ft Juelz, JR Writer, & Hell Rell - More than music

Princess Leia Hairstyle's Mortal Kombat Plugins for Power Point Bestiality bestialize
Chewbacca. Chewbacca regenerates hairs, all blonde. "Chewbacca hairstyle sheds his body like snakeskin sheds a snake, for example, and then a dragon vaporizes the snake with a fire,"

Ove-Naxx - Doragon attack rmx 2003 (Jason Forrest remix)

"I am bestially m0rtal k0mbat cheating secret powerpoint cheats, but I think my point is clear:
Basil Kirchin - War march of the priests

" We form like Voltron, and blonde Chewbacca locks happen to be the torso. So raise your hand if you're sure, are you a young nation?"

Aaliyah ft R Kelly - Young Nation

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