Friday, June 22

I found Michael McDonald (pt 8)

"I tell you. Michael McDonald was always here."

Alvin Lucier - Ever present
Mavado - Heart beat (1st good power ballad of the 21st century)

"Michael McDonaldis always here? Ok I get it:
You mean Michael McDonald is always here, on the internet, because all internet has always been here, so... we don't make the internet,we just find it, here, and Michael McDonald is here. That's a fascinating theory what do you call this theory I think you should call it the theory of interneternity! I am totally going to use that theory but don't worry I will always act like I acknowledge your paternity, Dr. Jacoby."

"Interneteternal paternal schmaternal, whatever!" Jacoby denied paternity and pertinence of the theory, "It's not that! It's not that theory. It's nothing to do with a theory. This is is serious! No I mean we came into the swiming room and Michael McDonaldwas here ever since always, ever since I was laying finger roll egg layups through my head. He had to be here because I laid those cranial ovipostulates to make you lose face and discredit your blog."
"But why?"
"You are too influential. Your blog is too influential, and that's dangerous, especially for readers who've been through what Mike's been through. After the Epcot Imagineers made him do all those self-negating dances, he was feeling really weak and he went into hiding. He felt so bad that he was reading about himself on the internet, and he read some thing you wrote about his voice on your blog. I guess your description really felt like it would be better than reality, so he deluded his real voice. You influenced Mike to think he's a wookie. I brought him here to my assisted living facility to help him, and nothing I've tried has worked so far, including making you lose face to the point where reading your blog would'nt make him talk like a hairy man. And that doesn't seem to have worked either but it's really all your fault."

Sunday, June 17

I found Michael McDonald (pt 7)

R Kelly, T-pain, TI - I'm a flirt (Screwed & chopped up not slopped up by OG Ron C (people, the next F Action is #50: 5 discs!(I predict these'll be the 5-way tie for #1 of '007 (watch))))
Lil Wayne - Love me or hate me ("I'm like an ultra vulture I fuck around and catapault ya. Torture.")
Freeky Zekey ft Lil Wayne & Jha Jha - Beat w/o bass
"Dr. Jacoby you are such an oviposeur. You're only pretending to direct your fraudulent embryogeneses against me, pretending to channel the oocytes into your head, ear, mouth, and face.
"I see Michael McDonald in here. He's been here the whole time. All your oopoiesis poses are for him. I know, ok. But why?"
I didn't say that yet, I'm still swimming. But that's what I will say when I get out of the pool, I'm ready but the smoking room is so full of water.

(Also, while I'm on the subject of Weezy F say-the babys plea bargains, I am also begging the question: "When did he enter the next level?" (I don't know, I am still trying to figure it out myself. The answer has evaded me -- I keep listening to his anteceding & anteceding material (working backwards), and it keeps being powerful. Even uberknowledgeknowledgist Noz is dodging this question, so what chance do I have really?) So you are our only hope. The Smoking Section have (heroically) done the legwork for you. So when you solve Wayne please let me know. Also please reverse engineer WFB's psychopharmacapoeira. & then please forward formulate the formulae for me, but using natural internet, juices, & berries. Thx.)

You haven't seen me recently, so along the immediate right side gifford, here comes my face.

"It's true, I don't care that you still listen to Cam'ron musics. Really if I was managing Dipset Detox for you, I'd just keep feeding you& feeding you& feeding you. No, it's true, I am trying to make you lose face w/ Michael McDonald. I wonder if it worked. Let's see. Mike?"

"Aaaa guhaaaa aaaaa uhaa aar rrrrnnn uhnnnn nnn uhnhh. Aaaa aaaaarrrrr rrrrrrrr rrnnnn nn nnhhhh, aaaa aaaaa aaaa aaa uh aaa uh-aaaaaa aaaaRRRRRR HHH."

"...Shit it didn't work. You are influential, and your influence is more robust than I expected."

" ME?"

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Thursday, June 14

I found Michael McDonald (pt 6)

Prince - Guitar
I don't know about Dr. Jacoby & if he has a threapeutic strategy for me with his ovipostulate oviposse, which is replication of Satan's #1 Sadist.

An aside about streamy mediums. Not that they're not good, but I tend not to want to sit in one place long enough to listen to the entirety of a DJ /mix off its streaming. WFMU, whom which is only streaming these (/Rupture's shows, you all already know) now, and I know I would prefer a mpfree of same. So probably so would you so I used massmirror:

Mudd Up 060713 (w/ Shackleton)
Mudd Up 060706 (w/ Drop the Lime)

That way z shares rabbit chers. Besides, I also did so for Steinski's new WFMU show, which features some stocksound soundtracking
Rough Mix 0607

(I used this guy's instruction of Audacity for unstreaming. But I think there must be something better? Is there?)

Ah shit you know don't you hate the internet? Ha me neither too! But what is it say about Michael McDonald's placement in this assisted living facility? Has he been in the swimming room this whole time? Watching? Is Dr. Jacoby's whole egg not a strategy for me, but one for Michael McDonald', in which I lose face? Why I lose face? EGG FACE LOSE FACE?

Keak da Sneak - What you sayin?
Keak da Sneak - What yo name foo'

What else what else? As various other internet already have, please: don't miss. He is risking with the singing and the drug talk, but overall, he's still ok. I feel like there is a Dorian Grey thing going on with him & Juelz? Juelz is the portrait? I.e., getting old. I.e., I feel that i will feel one of the two faces moreso.

Lil Wayne = I'm a beast

& I am still swimming the butterflee stroke!

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Thursday, June 7

I found Michael McDonald (pt 5)

Lil Wayne - I'm a beast

Dr. Jacoby & I still have yet to talk about Michael McDonald. I am still swimming the butterfly stroke, and he is still oviposturing.

J-Dawg ft Slim Thug - Ride on 4s (screwed & chopped by Michael Watts)
The Mustang - Mustang baby

Some of the eggs he entered into his head and out of his mouth (& elsewhere) are starting to hatch. Whether these additional Jacobys will be more informative about Michael McDonald, I will find out.

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